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My time is spent studying the habits of animals and that's how I come up with meticulous details in my carvings. All my carvings are primarily in wood or stone. 



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Born in 1961, in the small Zimbabwean town of Rusape (located in Manicaland), Alex Chitura has become one of Africa's greatest contributors to the world of contemporary art. From 1977-1979, Alex attended Masvingo college of art where he began his artistic career. Alex Graduated in 1979 with a distinction in welding and sculpting. In 1980, he moved to the city of Bulawayo (the second largest city in Zimbabwe) where he was employed at Sondela exports, the leading supplier of various products such as stone, wood, ostrich eggs, ivory, and other items. Because of Alex's patience and ability to learn quickly, he soon rose from an ordinary carver, to a chief carver. As a chief carver, Alex led Sondela to open branches in neighboring countries such as South Africa. Alex trained new and upcoming artists to become the best of the best.

In 1990, Alex moved from South Africa, where he was working at Sondela, back to his home, Zimbabwe. He began carving his beautiful artwork mainly in stone and wood. Alex has no regrets about moving back to Zimbabwe. He wishes he could have moved back sooner, as the opportunities afforded to him in Zimbabwe were remarkable, and the experience he gained is irreplacable. This move also played a big part in Alex's regional and international recognition. Working as an artist in Zimbabwe, Alex soon found it hard to keep up with the high demand for his artwork. Buyers often had to order a month in advance to ensure they would get their sculpture on time. Even with the demand for his work, Alex never dissapointed his buyers, and gave them a systematic price list so negotiation was unnecessary for his work. Alex's professional demeanor gained him great respect. Alex's attitude towards his work has brought upon recognition in exclusive art galleries throughout the world, and brought great recognition in the art industry. Alex Chitura is now well known as a much admired Artist, not only in Zimbabwe, but throughout the whole world. Alex's studio is now home to the most highly talented artists in Zimbabwe.

His enthusiasm and artistic energy allow Alex to work with great passion, often into the late night hours for months at a time, to create his master-pieces. Alex's amazing sculpture of a life-size elephant truly depicts the extensive work he can do in a small period of time (having carved the elephant in only a couple of years). 

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